All you need to know about the car tyres

Country to country has different weather there are snow, rain and dry season. When choosing tyre in your auto make sure it would be fit the weather you had encounter in your country. However, we are living in the ordinary world, and a perfect tyre does not exist. The best choice is, to undergo some survey of what tyre do you need.

Car Tyres Available in Vaucluse Auto Repair Center

Run- Flat Tyre

  • A cheap tyre in all used for daily routine driving. To prevent damage, speed range would be a minimum of 30 mph maximum of 50 mph.

Universal Tyre

  • Perfectly fit in climate change because this tyre can travel along with 8000 miles. Considered one of the best performances in road surfaces.

Summer Tyre

  • Specialized for dry and wet road performance. The tyre performance decreases when use in cold climate as this type of tyre is slippery on ice and may cause accidents.

Mud Tyre

  • This type of tyre has a large tread blocks. It is only use for extreme sports and off-road driving. However, this is not a typical tyre you wanted in your daily driving.

Winter Tyre

  • Designed for snow and ice covered roads. The performance of this tyre will decrease upon using in a dry and wet season. First, it is necessary to check what type of tyres you are going in particular season.


There are a lot of tyres to use either has a higher quality and lower quality, Make sure you choose tyre that fit to your daily need. It also depends of what weather you have in your country if it is dry, winter or snow.  Examine your country climate change. Its a proper way to choose the perfect tyre in your car and increase for your safety driving.

Lastly, if you need some repairs and services just visit Vaucluse Car Service, Vaucluse Inspection and Bondi Car Service an expert auto shop in Australia.

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