Corporate Party Outfit Guide for Men: Looking Dapper in Gatsby Glamour

Be it seminars and conferences, team-building events, trade shows, staff appreciation events, product launch events, or even holiday celebrations, corporate parties are social occasions where everyone from the company are encouraged to interact with each other. This results in greater camaraderie and a better understanding of the people who work hand in hand to achieve the company’s goals. Anyway, enjoying the open bar and buffet, the entertainment, and even the fun amenities such as the photobooth gains popularity for itself.

On the flip side, corporate social gatherings are also considered rare considering the hustle and bustle in the company work-wise. That is why, when such an occasion comes around, everyone is likely to go out of their way to attend. At times, when themed parties are set, going all or nothing when it comes to following the theme is almost like a tradition. This is quite the conundrum, especially with the men. Dressing up is usually fit for females because of the fashion involved, and men aren’t that adept at creating unique outfits.

If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you’re having trouble with coming up with what to wear for your upcoming corporate party. For instance, if your corporate social event’s theme is Buz Luhrmann’s film (based on the iconic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald) The Great Gatsby, this article will serve as your guide on how to dress like a character straight out of the movie (and get the perfect photo booth souvenir picture).

How to Choose the Outfit Pieces for a Gatsby Themed Party

Men’s Suits

Peak lapel and notch lapels suits were very popular in the 1920s (the setting of the movie itself). Try to look for a suit that fits well, not baggy and to snugly fit the body. In the 1920s, 4-6 button up suits and those that fit quite high up were prevalent, so opt for those.


During the time of the Great Gatsby, the wealthy and affluent people were seen sporting matching suit jackets and vests. Coordinated clothing was the main thing in fashion during that time. You can get vests in solid colors, checkered, or plaids patterns and match the color to your suit and pants.


Opt for classic fit men’s suit pants that sit quite low on the hip or some golf pants. Coordinate your pants with your suit jacket. For light-colored pants, get pants that’s one shade lighter than your jacket. And if you’re not wearing a jacket, you can wear pants that’s one shade darker than your vest. Instead of belts, suspenders were preferred during the 1920s when it comes to choosing the pants partner. Although your pants won’t be seen as much during your photo booth shoot, it pays to make a good and fashionable impression with the guests.


Vintage styled shoes are a must! Jay Gatsby wore the popular two-tone shoes that were coordinated with his suit. You can also opt for cap-toe lace-up Oxfords or fancy wingtip Brogue.


Hats were always worn by men in the 1920s. You can wear a linen newsboy cap or a cool straw boater or derby hat to complete your look of sophistication. Make sure to capture this cool outfit with your friends at the photo booth rental stall!

So, before you and your friends get in front of the photo booth shell and grab the fun photobooth props, make sure you look like a dashing debonair like Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, or Tom Buchanan with the right outfit ensemble.

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