Different Characters of Alice in Wonderland Theme Party

Are you invited for a birthday with a theme of Alice in Wonderland? Or have you been assigned to be part of Alice in Wonderland cosplay? This article will give you some ideas who are the characters behind the movie and give you some tips on how to dress up.


Before we proceed to the costume of Alice in Wonderland we should know the different characters based in the movie.   


Alice in Wonderland Characters



  • The protagonist of the story. She is a rational lady who sees the world settled and organized. Her adventures begin with her fall down to rabbit hole she will come up a challenger that made her grew into an adult.


Tips for an Alice Costume


  • A basic blue or yellow dress will turn out into a beautiful costume also add some apron that can easily handle by yourself.
  • If you do not have a long hair, just borrow or buy a wig that perfectly stands out to the photo booth pictures.
  • Wear black ballerina shoes with an attachment of black ribbon.
  • Choose a white long sock to enhance the beauty of your outfit.

The White Rabbit

  • The worried and wild animal. A White Rabbit is decisive since he was the one guiding Alice in the place of wonderland. He is a little dangerous and psychotic but shy.


Tips for White Rabbit Costume


  • Dress a waistcoat with carries a pocket watch. You can easily wear a white rabbit ears headband that has adorable and charming effects in photo booth shell.
  • Wear white gloves and carry some umbrella to have a perfect costume ever.

The Cheshire Cat

  • The Cheshire cat explains the nonsense and distraction of the wonderland. He can manage his invisibility when needed.


Tips of Cheshire Cat Costume


  • Get a jumpsuit with a draw stripe to create the exact costume.
  • But if you don’t have a striped cloth, just wear a black and pink outfit, modify it with legs and arm striped details. You can also paint your cloth using fabric paint.
  • You can wear cat ears and nose headband that suitable to the group picture in custom photo booths.

During themed party and events, keep in mind that you need to enjoy the moment. Your outfit should be comfortable in whatever you do so you will not feel uneasy that might  turn you to easily get irritated and turn to bad experience.

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