Getting Dolled Up at Corporate Parties: Achieving the Great Gatsby Glam

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, hit theaters last 2013 and it made headlines, bringing attention to the 1920s style and fashion era. As a result, Great Gatsby themes and motifs are being popularized in different special events and parties. Birthday celebrations, weddings, and even corporate parties are now jumping into the bandwagon for everything 20s. Even party favors like photo booth rental services are joining in the fun and banking on Gatsby photo booth shell for sale and photobooth props to add to their fun array of accessories.

But how did such a vintage era come alive to turn heads? Also, how were things like back then? And, when it comes to themes, how can one look the part for any 1920s inspired event? This article will help you embody the flawless Daisy Buchanan, and maybe help you meet your own Jay Gatsby!

Back in Time: Life in the 1920s

From the ashes of the Great World War, innovations and technological advancements were rampant in the exciting era of the 1920s. The manner in which people thought, behaved, and even dressed were transformed dramatically. Fashion pioneers started reconstructing fashion trends into liberating styles like Coco Chanel with her garconne and boyish chic. Looking into it at that time, the seemingly comfortable styles of clothing reflected a certain rebellion against suffocating restrictions imposed on women, helping them find unique looks that underlined their individuality.

The 4 Steps to Achieve the 1920s Flapper Girl Look

There are a lot of online shops where you can buy Great Gatsby outfits and party costumes easily, but they are all either not so authentic, overpriced, or both. For your corporate party, you may want to look your best especially since these social events don’t come around very often. And wouldn’t it be fun to play around the photo booth with your best girl friends in the office and look sophisticated and cheerful at the same time? There are lots of photobooth props you can use, but nothing beats a full outfit that you worked hard on. 

Recreate the glamourous 20s fashion styles without much difficulty with these steps:
Step 1: Put your Hair in a Sophisticated Bob

The iconic hairstyle during this era was the bob. If you have long hair, there are tutorials on how to fake a short bob cut, but you can also opt for wearing a wig. For more authenticity, you can copy the Daisy Buchanan look –platinum blonde hair neatly placed in a finger bob.

Step 2: Glam up your Makeup!

A Gatsby party is all about the glamorous life of the affluent in the 20s. Fun and sultry makeup is absolutely a must! You can achieve this by applying blush in a bolder color, dark and smoky eyeshadow, and of course, the classic red lip.

Step 3: Select the Perfect Flapper Fringe Dress

Did you know that the flapper dress not only embodied the 1920’s spirit of glitz and glamour, but it also made a political statement? For a Gatsby-themed party, choose a free-flowing mini dress that is of a strappy style with fringed, sequins, and embroidery details.

Step 4: Accessorize!

Your photobooth souvenir picture with your gal pals will not only look fun but also very authentic with the help of accurate accessories. Headpieces and necklaces made of pearls, elegant cigarette holders, capes and faux fur scarves, combs adorned with diamonds, beady purses, and pearl drop earrings are some of the accessories you can choose from.

Remember, you are embodying the independent, non-conformist, and rebellious spirit of the 1920s!

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