How To Make DIY Photo Booth on a Budget

The DIY Photobooth become popular to the events like wedding, corporate party, graduation ball and many more. It is perfect for couples looking to save a little money. You do not need fancy equipment or a lot of stuff to do this DIY photo booth. Everyone loves custom photo booth a simple way to entertain guests, social engagement, and provide lasting memories for your party.

If you do not have enough budget for an automated photo booth, creating own backdrop is simple and cheap. Do the best you can, gather information and make it useful. Hopefully, these tips would help you create your own DIY photo booth. Take a look at this!

What you will need:
  • Comfortable setting 
  • Creative Backdrop
  • Lights
  • Plenty of unique props
  • Polaroid cameras
How to set up a DIY photo booth:
  • Comfortable setting – On your DIY photo booth check your guests if they really experience or enjoy your event. Get some extra space were 8 to 10 people that will completely suit your photo booth shell.
  •  Creative backdrop – The focal point of your custom photo booth. Make sure it is eyes catching and not distracting, were anyone even the adults would be fit to your backdrop design. Think about setting up your backdrop with this material banners, balloons, ribbons and chalkboard phrases. 
  • Lights – Used a single flash and placed it in the right corner beside to the camera in order to minimize shadows effects. Camera lights  are available on the market and function excellently for your custom photo booth. 
  •  Props – These are the best equipment on your DIY photo booth. Provide as much as you can a variety of props. But do not forget this basic props glasses, wigs, hats, and other common accessories. The more selection of props, the better. 
  • Polaroid camera – A low-tech and easy to printout your guests’ photo booth images. Polaroid cameras are easy to handle, all of your guests no matter how young or old will know how to manage it. Just be sure to stock a lot of extra films to last throught the night. 

By making a custom photo booth it is really more like a step and repeat. A small amount of extra time would be applied, to ensure that your guests will love and make fun to your DIY photo booth.

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