Importance of Human Resource

Human Resource Management (HRM) – focuses on rank and file employees to develop their needs or enhance performances to meets one’s goal. It helps to boost given task by using the tools and prevent decreases on performances.

Human Resource Management Basic Tools

1. Training – the actual performance by being trained.


       • Internship – student where they can work in an organization without pay, commonly compulsory to the school curriculum.

       • Exposure – to do something in actual.

       • Guiding – to teach the proper ways in doing jobs.

       • Tryout – to do tasks in a field

       • Assessment – evaluate if they passed on required skills.

       • Test – monitor mental ability

2. Seminars – A group of people sharing advanced knowledge by using visual presentations such as powerpoint and projector when discussing important information and open forums.


      • General seminar – Studies all aspect of leadership.

      • Topical seminar – One to two target special topic.

      • Partnership seminar – More organization involved and more shared references.

1. Time Management – effectiveness,  productivity, efficiency and time utilization to meet the deadline.


Preparation – mentally and emotionally well.                             

Organize – planning and arrangement.                                        

Prioritization – emphasize engagement orderly                     

Source – collecting scheme                         

 4. Staffing – Appoint people to their assign job but depends on knowledge and skills.


        • Talent search – searching for a qualified applicant.

         • Hire – fulfill jobs wants.

        • Endorsement – turn-over of responsibility and duties.

        • Adaptation or Familiarize – memorize the given mission.

        • Build-up – elevate confidence to do an assignment.

Why you have to bother yourself on people lack of skills if the company has plenty of tools to provide on training? People can easily learn if the businesses will implement proper ways of procedure.

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