My Grandmother’s Garden

We live in a province. Just how good is it to people in need of peace of mind and trying to mend soul from today’s stressing routine just to make ends meet.

It’s a 10 hours of trip from the city to my hometown. To feel the cabin in the woods is a delight hence the need to rent a room for easy access.

Grandmother’s garden is a great remedy to reset mind from toxic work to anything that makes one feel unpleasant.

I was glad she managed to plant and toil various flowers despite unwanted body pains due to age and everyday hard work.

Her flowers are really bright and beautiful. Yellows and oranges are the vibrance you’ll see from afar concluding the beauty of the garden.

I was mesmerized and got the idea of collecting fancy looking flowers instill to elegant vases above a fabulous furniture Australia or coffee table covered with crisp white linen.

I took pictures and imagined myself a photographer that captures details in events.

Majority of the things I used comes from my grandmother’s garden. Lovely isn’t it? Efforts were made and not a single penny was spent to show beauty and creativity.

My apologies if I did not include the flowers’ species names. Unfortunately, I am not well aware of plants of any kind, but I do appreciate the beauty, even stunned.


  • Flowers
  • Textured leaves
  • Utensils
    • Spoon
    • Fork
    • Plate
    • Tea Jar
    • Saucer
    • Drinking glass
  • Fine white linen
  • Fabulous furniture
  • Coffee table furniture

I have the passion to design, that is why I anticipate to capture wonderful moments of lovely couples with ideas I acquired from styling flowers and on how they should look in photos.

Note: Image from Kaye Guzman Photography and subject to copyright. 

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