The Benefits of Fairy Tale Theme Party

It easy to set up a fairy tale theme party because most of the little angels saw the princesses in movies like Snow White, Princess Aurora, Ariel, Princess Jasmine, Rapunzel, Elsa and many more. Everybody loves a fairy tale even adult, adding some spice in your event like custom photo booth is very applicable were your guests would really enjoy being part of the fairytale world.

Some of these stories, like Cinderella, are truly known all over the world. The facts that these tales are read or shared by every adult to their children, again and again, will not cause annoyance to the ears of little ones, they love to hear it redundantly.

It would not be a fairy tale theme party without princesses, prince even the magical creatures. Always prepare with tiaras and crowns at your door in case your guest forgot to bring those costume piece. This photo booth props are also available in photo booth stores and photo booth rental service company. Here are some tips on how to build up your fairytale party setting.


Dress up the whole venue to look like a castle inside and out. Make the inside of your venue more attractive by putting hanging shields, helmets, and swords around the walls, and make sure you have a big magic mirror at the center of your stage. Most of the fairy tales happen in an enchanted forest, bring all plants you have and place it all over the venue, also do not forget the garden arch in the front door that the guests will experience walking through a magic entrance to the enchanted world.

Invitation Ideas

Make an invitation anything you like, but it would be easy if you have basic design knowledge when creating invitations.

The invitation should contain these important details:

  • Describe to your guests of what party theme or motif so they know what to dress and expect.
  • Give the exact address or clear driving directions.
  • Supply a contact number or email address that the guest will easily contact you if they have questions like children, pets are allowed or any specifics. 
  • Indicate that you have photo booth shell to spice up the event.

Games and Activities

  • Play musical chairs around the dining table like what happened in Alice’s tea party in Wonderland.
  • Put red apples and one green apple in the tub, make sure you should have enough apples for every kid, blindfold them with a piece of handkerchief, the kids who pull out the green apple will be the winner of the game.


Party Food

  • You can make a Cinderella slipper cookies or make a plain gingerbread man for children and let them design it with an icing or other sprinklers. 
  • Mix up the magic potion made of refreshing raspberries and lemonade and place it in a simple plastic cups.
  • Set up an ice cream cone at the top of the cake to make a princess crown.
  • Snow White enchanted apples are the perfect dessert for everyone, enhance the apples to look more delicious add some candies and marshmallows. 

When pursuing this type of theme party, make sure you have more than enough party games and party foods as your guests are children. They easily get bored so make sure you have many kinds of stuff to entertain them as well to the parents. Aside from games, you may avail a photo booth rental company as they offer photo booth props and children attracted to funny figures and cartoon characters. Photo booths are a great option for parties and you will never regret having one.

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