What is Pink Slip

Pink slips have different significance with regards on state or country. It may pertain to:

  • In the United States, pink slip (cars) is known as “certificate of title”, legal form authorising a person or business as legal owner of the vehicle.
  • In Australia, it is a deprecated vehicle inspection paper. State or certain territory has the authority to impose its own laws on vehicle inspections.

Leichhardt Mechanical Repairs technicians check every vehicle to assure the safety of your entire family when traveling.

Looking for pink slip near you? Come to Leichhardt car service as they will help you on Rego and Pink Slips glebe, assist you with all your registration renewals and safety vehicle inspections and Blue Slips assist with all your unregistered vehicle inquiries and get you on the road.

Service options:

eSafety Check
Courtesy car
Suspension & Steering
Gearbox and Clutch

For more details, visit LMR service center or contact on 0295181840, workshop@lmrservice.com.au

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